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Build Video: Digital Oscilloscope DIY Kit

Why am I covering Arduino Here?

I have some exciting projects coming up that involve Arduino and BlackBerry and in order to make those happen, I need to help show you how Arduino works first!

About the Kit:

For those of you who know me, I recently ordered a large shipment of PCB boards from a company some of you may have heard called SparkFun. Besides getting a whole bunch of cool boards, I made one additional unnecessary purchase: A DIY Digital Oscilloscope Kit.

See the assembly video here.

My rating: Medium Difficulty - Not for Beginners, and 5/5 for Fun!

Parts & Tools:

The unit comes as a cohesive kit - meaning it is a single purchase of 80 dollars plus shipping.  But there are some parts you need to know about and some tools you will need to build this thing.

  • 12V Power Supply - I get mine on eBay for a few dollars (I buy a LOT of power supplies).
  • Multimeter (for testing step # 9)
  • A screw driver (for case assembly and regulator)
  • A soldering iron with a fine tip
  • Some solder
  • A set of cutters
  • And its nice to have some pointy head pliers for the regulator bending and holding hot things

It looks to be a resale of products from another company called jyetech, where all the instructions and information provided are from jyetech themselves.


Full assembly only took around 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was fairly straightforward, but the instructions are not clear in a few areas. Additionally, some of the instructions are open to interpretation, and would be difficult for new users.

How I assembled it:

If you need extra information on assembly, please follow here

The important items they didnt make clear in the instructions that you may need reference on:

  • The header for programming needs to point towards you (up in the air). 
  • The strange rubber thing that looks like a capacitor is actually the inductor.


It actually was pretty quick and painless to assemble.  The finished project looks pretty cool, and some of the soldering points can be a little tight.  It is a really good project for someone in the medium difficulty looking for a simple Oscilloscope and willing to get their hands dirty.

I'd rate this project 5/5 for fun alone.  Plus, it looks pretty cool and actually serves a purpose.

Lloyd Summers

My name is Lloyd Summers and I'm from Calgary Alberta, Canada. 

I'm a part-time developer in the evenings, and a full time IT Consultant in the daytime, specializing in Project Management and Solution Design.  I focus on all kinds of hardware, software and opensource development.

Follow Me On Twitter - @kerm_ed

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