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MockIt! Beta 2: Some Statistics and Release Notes

Recently, the Beta 2 version of MockIt! was released in BlackBerry BetaZone. With this release I was able to implement the most requested features and fixes and refine the UI/UX. Since its release, Beta 2 has been downloaded over 7,000 times by over 5,000 unique BlackBerry IDs. Moreover, over 14,300 testers have enrolled in the MockIt! beta program since launch, and MockIt! (all versions) has been downloaded a grand total of 28,000 times.  Keep reading for all the changes and some details regarding the roadmap.

After releasing Beta 1 of MockIt! the BetaZone testers played a crucial role in determiining which features are to be added and the priority of those features. Beta 2 is full of new features which were all derived from BetaZone members' feedback.

New features in Beta 2 include:

  • Layout changes to improve ease of use
  • About a dozen more included memes!
  • Use your own images for memes!
  • New font options for memes
  • Three new device mocks
  • Ability to edit images before adding them to a device mock
  • Use your own images for device mock backgrounds
  • Beta notes added to each section

There are currently some limitations and some areas that I plan to improve, but overall, Beta 2 is much improved and exponentially more useful than Beta 1.

In future builds I plan to...

  • allow users to choose from several aspect ratios when creating a custom meme using their own image
  • provide more pre-made device mock backgrounds
  • activate the photo frames feature
  • provide additional image effects
  • add more device mocks
  • integrate MockIt! into the BlackBerry invocation framework
  • and alot more!

The feedback I have received is invaluable, and I want to thank the entire community for supporting my efforts.

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If you haven't enrolled in the MockIt! beta program via BlackBerry BetaZone, please consider joining the program by visiting the BlackBerry BetaZone website and enrolling in the MockIt! program. If you are already participating, please be active in the program discussion boards, as the feedback I receive there is invaluable.

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