Collaborate on Awesome: Start an Official BlackBerry Developer Group in Your Area!

If you are a BlackBerry developer and know other developers and or designers in your area, you should definitely consider starting an official developer group. Developer groups allow developers to collaborate, network, and create mobile experiences with other developers and designers in their area. As we all know, the life of a coder can get lonely at times if you get lost in your code and forget about the outside world*, so why not reach out in your local area and find some other devs with which to share, collaborate, and create?

*50% sarcasm

Some Benefits

Official Developer groups...

1receive regular updates and information directly from BlackBerry regarding program information and developer information

2get exclusive discounts and opportunities relevant to BlackBerry mobile app developers

3gain access to regional and global developer events and conferences where developers can network and improve their craft

4receive BlackBerry 'swag' such as T-shirts and other accessories given out at the discretion of BlackBerry and/or the group managers

Get Started

For all the details regarding how to start a developer group in your area, head over to the BlackBerry website at the link below and complete the Developer Groups form.

Happy Coding!

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