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Example of a First Run Tutorial in Cascades

I'm sure many of you have installed an app onto your device that displayed a brief tutorial the first time you launched it, right?  If you have ever wondered how you could do that in your own app, this sample application will show you one simple way to accomplish this in a Cascades app. 


This sample app utilizes QSettings, so see my previous tutorial about QSettings if you need some help there.

This post will not be a full-fledged tutorial, but I do want to explain some of the aspects of the sample application. First, here are some of the "stuffs" used in the sample application...

QML elements/components used:

  • Sheet {}
  • Page {}
  • Container {}
  • Label {}
  • ListView {}

QML Signals used:

  • onCreationCompleted:
  • onClicked:
  • onTriggered:

Other used:

  • DockLayout
  • StackLayout
  • XmlDataModel 

 How does the application work?

The application is pretty simple, and it uses QSettings to store a bool (true/false) property that is used to determine if the tutorial should open or not when the app is launched.  By default the bool property is set to true and therefore the tutorial fires up when the app is launched. If the user taps the close button to close the tutorial, the tutorial closes, but it will open up again when the user launches the app the next time.  However, if the user taps the Dismiss button to close the tutorial, the tutorial is closed forever or until the app is uninstalled, reinstallled, and relaunched.  

FirstRunImage 1

For the purposes of this sample app I placed a button on the main.qml file that is visible when the tutorial is closed. This button allows you to restore the tutorial popup functionailty without having to uninstall the app. There is also a Label above to button that displays whether the tutorial pop up is disabled or enabled.  

  FirstRunImage 2 

So, head over to the OSBB GitHub and check it out and I have attached a prebuilt and presigned bar file to this post that can be side loaded onto your device (Q10/Q5/Z10/Dev Alpha).  

If you have issues or REALLY want a tutorial, sound off in the comments, and I will whip one up. Also, if you have specific questions, hit me up on twitter @BerryInformed or via the comment section below.

Thanks guys and happy coding!

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