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GAME REVIEW - Super Hexagon for BlackBerry 10

Credit also goes to Chipzel - Music creator of the Game (@chipzel)

Super Hexagon is a very creative and addicting game that has recently been brought over to the BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5.

This game brings phenominal music with a very unique style of gameplay.

This game brings phenominal music with a very unique style of gameplay. If you have not yet purchased this game or at-least tried it out, then you are surely missing out. If you want a game that you can just pick up and play for a few seconds, all the way up to a few hours, then this is your game. This game defines the "pickup and play" style of mobile gaming and the developer deserves props for his amazing work.

I won't lie, I've sat down and played this game for three hours straight at one point in time. I was determined to try and beat my friend's high score in one of the modes and wouldn't give up until I did. We are talking about playing to the point where your fingers begin aching, but it was so worth it. The most interesting thing about it all was that I did not find myself getting frustrated at all while playing. Now that's something to be said, not many games can accomplish something like this.

Super Hexagon was created by the indie developer Terry Cavanagh (@terrycavanagh), a developer who has had much success on other platforms. We are very happy to see his game ported over to BlackBerry 10 and hope he continues supporting BlackBerry 10 in his future ventures.

It will be the best three bucks you will ever spend on a game for your BlackBerry, trust us.

So this game will set you back a few dollars (the price of a coffee from Starbucks), but it will be the best three bucks you will ever spend, trust us. We need to get continued support from large indie developers like Terry here, so give him some support by purchasing his game and show him that we appreciate his efforts in bringing it on over to BlackBerry 10.

More information/Download Super Hexagon for BlackBerry 10 ($2.99)

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