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I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for visiting the re-designed (OSBB). We have a lot of awesomeness planned, and we are happy ecstatic to refocus our attention on indie developers.

Not only do we want to focus on helping new and veteran developers, but we also want to amplify current independent developers and their apps. Moreover, we want to give the readers useful information about the actual developer behind the app.

When we decided to refocus and refine our mission around developers, one of the things I personally wanted to do was focus on the developer themselves--not just the apps. So, the plan is to do a weekly interview with a currently active independent developer.

In this weekly series I will be interviewing some of our favorite indie devs and getting to know them a little bit better. Our vision for this is to not only showcase some of the best apps that are out there, but also some of the best developers. I have a couple developers lined up and I hope you will enjoy this series.

Many of the developers that I will be featuring have apps in BlackBerry World now, but we will also be chatting with a few up and coming new developers also.

Please, leave your comments and support these developers, because they are the heart and soul of the BlackBerry developer community.

Don Berzley

Co-Founder of OSBB. BlackBerry 10 app developer. Father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis.

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