APP REVIEW - Reddit In Motion for BlackBerry 10

Credit also goes to Vatsaev Aslan - Designer of the App (@avatsaev)

Reddit In Motion, also available for the PlayBook, has been reworked from the ground up and brought over to the BlackBerry Z10/Q10/Q5.

What you are getting with this one is absolutely everything for free... What you see, is what you get.

This Built for BlackBerry Certified reddit client brings with it a whole list of features, and I will admit that it is not entirely as fully featured as some of the other competing clients on the platform, but what you are getting with this one is absolutely everything for free. That means no pesky in-App purchases or pay to unlock features, woohoo! What you see, is what you get.

Reddit In Motion loads up very fast and is quite fluid which makes for a very nice user experience. Many of even the smallest details were very well thought out and you can tell that the developer really put some time into this App trying to make it as user friendly as possible.


  • Browse All Reddits/Subreddits
  • A Native Cascades BlackBerry UI
  • Search Functionality for Posts and Subreddits
  • Full WebView for Viewing Links and Videos
  • Login Support
  • Upvote, Downvote, and Save Posts
  • Share Links via Social/Email/SMS
  • Compose/Receive Messages
  • View Account Info (Including Comments, Submitted, Saved, and Liked)
  • Links Marked as 'read' After Visiting
  • And Much More...

This App does a phenomenal job keeping consistent with the native core UI.

I have tried all of the free reddit clients available currently in BlackBerry World and Reddit In Motion has stood out to me the most among them all. This App is just very clean and does a phenomenal job keeping consistent with the native core UI design principles of BlackBerry 10. Because of this, it is our favorite reddit client currently available....and it's free!

More information/Download Reddit In Motion for BlackBerry 10 (FREE)

Last modified onFriday, 19 July 2013 12:22
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