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[UPDATED] Sample Cascades Project: 100% QML Video Player

This will be a quick post, but I wanted to get this out there to BB10 developers. This sample project contains a video player example using only QML (no extra C++).

The industry in which I work demands a lot of hours to be put in by me during the holiday season, so I haven't been able to do as many posts like this as I originally intended.

So, with much haste and without further adieu, download below.


  1. Download the zip archive below to your hard drive
  2. Import the archive as an existing project into the BlackBerry 10 NDK
  3. Once imported you can examine the code and/or compile and run on your BB10 device to see it in action.

Download Here

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  • Perfect!

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  • Guest (Fariz Ramadhan)

    Sorry sir, how if i want the video auto play the video when the app launch.

    I ever try but I just can hear the sound, I can't see the video

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  • For you to be able to see the video, the ForeignWindowControl must be set to visible
    - J. Duke

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  • Guest (Fariz Ramadhan)

    I did that sir, But I can't see the video.
    FYI I add this syntax :

    onCreationCompleted: {

    myForeignWindow.visible = true;
    isPlaying = true;

    That is the function I got from play button.

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  • Maybe try moving myForeignWindow.visible = true; to onAcquired in the NowPlayingConnection. So that way anytime the now playing connection is acquired, the foreign window would be visible. Worth a shot. - J. Duke

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  • Guest (Fariz Ramadhan)

    Still not show the video. Thank you sir..

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  • To be honest, I feel the media player is buggy with the current OS. An OS Update should be available very very shortly, then maybe things will fix themselves :) - J. Duke

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  • Guest (Duc Dau)

    Link die, please update, thanks

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  • Guest (dfg)

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