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Import – Export your Contacts with Free DropBox Application

 I have talked in the past about how much I enjoy the DropBox for Blackberry application, and Jake from bbthemepark, asked me if I noticed you could Import and export your contacts via DropBox which I hadn’t.

If you have the free DropBox for BlackBerry application, simply go to your contacts and hit the menu key and select either export or import.  I have quite a few contacts and was actually surprised how quick it exported.

This function will make it easy to always have your contacts if needed for your current or future device.
DropBox Details: Sync your files from your computers to your BlackBerry® with Dropbox. It’s a FREE app that connects all your computers and mobile devices together so you can access your files safely and securely anywhere you go.

- Browse the files in your computer’s Dropbox folder easily.
- Open images and other media directly through the app.
- Upload photos to all of your computers at once.
- Share links to your files over email.
- Search through your Dropbox instantly.
- Export files to other apps.

Notice: Dropbox for BlackBerry requires a free Dropbox account. Get a free 2GB account when you sign up through the Dropbox for BlackBerry app or at

Via:  BlackBerrySites

Don Berzley

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  • Guest (mike)

    Use this DropBox link to get 2GB FREE + 250MB Bonus now:

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  • This option doesn't appear when i click menu in contacts.

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  • Guest (tryfe)

    Dropbox needs to be running in the background for it to appear.

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  • Guest (Rian)

    Hi.. I own bb tour 9630. Suddenly i lost my bb logo next to my signal bar. so i cant use bbm, broswer, and email while i still in unlimited BIS. i've tried to follow instructions i got from online forums there are pull out the battery , register HRT ( i cant register cuz its empty), and turn off/on the mobile network but all of these not help out. Please if u can help me to get my bb logo back i would be so grateful. Thanks. -Rian in Indonesia

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  • Guest (shahzad)

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  • Guest (Symonds)

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