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Why I Choose BlackBerry

Working in the cellular industry, I hear the question everyday. "Why do you use a BlackBerry? They are slow and can't do what a Droid or an iPhone can do!" I can answer that question in four simple words...BlackBerry works for me!

I use my phone for one purpose. Communication. Which surprisingly is what phones were designed for in the first place. I make phone calls, text, and email with my BlackBerry. Sure, I can do all of that with another platform, but not with the efficiency that I can do them with a BlackBerry. Push notifications from the BIS servers mean that my emails are delivered almost instantly to my device, without the battery drain caused when a device "pulls" from a mail server.
Ahh battery, sweet BlackBerry battery. I can average 12-15 hours on one charge, with moderate to heavy usage. No other platform can touch that.

What about apps? Sure I have apps. And lots of them, about 40 - 45 on my device as I write this. But, I only use about 5 on a regular basis, and those are the essential productivity apps to help me throughout the day.

“BlackBerry is a dead company.” Really? Research In Motion (BlackBerry) has no debt, a 33% increase in subscribers over last year, and are still a very profitable company. Too often, today's media outlets and bloggers do very little research on the topics on which they are reporting. They hear one negative about a company and scrutinize everything that company does. One lesson I learned when younger was to believe none of what you hear and only half of what you read!

So for now I will stick to my great BlackBerry Bold 9930 and continue getting through my day, productively, and with a battery to sustain me.

Don Berzley

Co-Founder of OSBB. BlackBerry 10 app developer. Father of a son with Cystic Fibrosis.

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